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Stakeholder buy-in is key to a successful rollout.

Our specialist team will help define the best onboarding method for your organisation. Through face-to-face training, webinars or support documentation, we can craft an experience that gains maximum buy-in from your stakeholders or user base.

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Creating super-users

Prior to rollout, we upskill the main super-user’s within your organisation on how to manage and maintain your platform as admins. This will be conducted as a face-to-face intensive course.


Empowering stakeholders

Your stakeholders are crucial to make your project a success. We invite them to attend one of our webinars and remote-based training sessions ahead of the launch. These are designed to introduce the platform and provide a forum to deal with frequently asked questions (FAQ’s).


Training guides

Following completion of the platform training, users can refresh their training at any time with bespoke training manuals and video’s hosted on the platform.


Here to help

We want your platform to be a success! Our dedicated support team is on hand to help with any queries you may have post-rollout.

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