Learn, adapt and manage through data-driven insights, allowing you to make more informed decisions.

Our insights dashboard tracks every aspect of the platform and its interactions to ensure continual refinement of the brand and the process - all in real-time.

Do you need to understand how your brand is being used or how marketing budgets are being spent?

By centralising all aspects of brand implementation, you can now gain insights to what and how brand assets are being implemented, which promotional items are being used and even how frequently your staff or users access the platform.

This degree of granular detail means you can control and report on spend through budget and PO management as well as gaining greater insight for forecasting and promotional planning.

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asset activity

Customisable visual reporting that allows you to track asset activity and engagement based on views, downloads or orders. Refine your brand output based on activity data.


View budget allocation and spend across your user groups with our flexible budget module, allowing you to make better business decisions with real-time cost control.


Harmonised financial reporting with all your information in one place. Filter reports by location, purchaser, billing address and more. You will no longer be chasing quotes with our pre-agreed price tables with cost transparency for all your users.

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order details

Cut time on searching for information. With our platform, you can view live orders and order history by each user or group. Track and check delivery status, whilst using your own unique SKU codes.

stock & inventory

Centralised record-keeping for you to track movement and volume of your stock, with automatic alerts to notify you of pre-agreed low stock levels.


Monitor the usage across your teams as well as external partners, agencies, franchisees or volunteer groups.

Visibility is key in understanding how you can develop your brand, its assets and how it can be reported to the wider organisation - our platform makes all of this possible.

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Protect and implement your brand with access control

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brand guide

Always be up-to-date with our interactive online guidelines

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