Template Designer

Increase your creative output with customised templates whilst staying on-brand, every time.

Create on-brand materials with nothing more than your browser. Our intuitive web2publish engine allows you to design anything from brochures to social media graphics, in the correct file format.

Is it taking too long to generate new artwork? Do you want to increase speed to market?

Empower more people to engage with your brand and generate professional materials quickly and easily, safe within the knowledge that the output will be on-brand.

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personalise content

Deliver a more personalised message with editable fields to localise your messages. Define the rules by locking down or enabling flexibility on your templates.

speed To market

Create quick content whilst sticking to design principles, even without design skills. Minimise the volume of requests for simple artwork changes, eliminating the bottleneck for your design or marketing team.

approval workflow

Feel confident that content can be created and published by multiple users within your organisation. But, for that extra security, an approval workflow can be added for content sign off.

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correct output

Whether it’s a social media post, a multiple page brochure or merchandise item, our templates give you the right file output every time.

library integration

Allow users to access a library or pre-approved images, colour palettes and partner logos with the help of our DAM module integration. You’re able to define how flexible or rigid the templates need to be - just with a click of a button.

smart fields

Auto-populate content into your templates with ease, by basing them on user groups or locations. Localised versions of your logo or call to actions can be automated to lock down on brand consistency.

Get more out of your creative by re-purposing existing artwork to reuse, enabling you to see more return of investment and quicker content generation.

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