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Too many logins? Embrace Single Sign-On

Katie Armstrong

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What is Single Sign-On
Having too many logins and trying to remember passwords is time-consuming and often frustrating. The solution to this problem is to setup Single Sign-On. This means you no longer need specific credentials for each of your platforms. Instead you can login to one central IDP (identity provider) and then all your other systems can authenticate you and let you login without having to re-enter any username or password.
Single Sign-On with Brand iQ
The Brand iQ platform supports SSO from any IDP including providers such as OKTA, Microsoft Azure and Microsoft Active Directory. This reduces any friction for users and can make managing the Brand iQ users much simpler and more efficient. Once you’ve logged into your IDP and then visit Brand iQ, you won’t even need to see the login screen, it will automatically log you into the correct account… Neat huh?
User management and Auto provisioning 
Taking the SSO concept a step further allows us to help centrally manage users and permissions. Via the SSO integration Brand iQ can automatically create new users and place them into the correct organisations and groups ensuring that the user will always have the personalised user access and permissions. Users can also be updated via the SSO meaning that you can rest assured the data is always up to date based on the data you hold centrally.
If you want to find out more about how you can benefit from deploying a brand management platform of have questions about SSO, get in touch.

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