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Samaritans use Brand iQ to launch their new brand identity

Marcel van den Boogaard

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Samaritans use Brand iQ to help launch their updated brand identity.
Samaritans recently launched an updated brand to extend the reach and relevance of the charity. They chose Brand iQ as an instrumental part of providing access to branded materials to different groups of volunteers and staff for the launch. Samaritans has over 200 branches in the UK and Ireland and a large volunteer network, and our aim is that the platform will enable all of their users to access the brand and be empowered to use it in a consistent manner over the coming months.
Brand iQ will enable users from Samaritans’ central and national offices, branches, volunteers and even fundraisers to access and order stock materials, merchandise and create localised artworks within brand guidelines. These items will be seamlessly distributed across the UK to ensure the updated brand can be promoted everywhere.
We were delighted to work with the Samaritans team to deliver the platform which launched in March 2019.

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