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Samaritans - Aligning communication across print & digital

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Samaritans align all their marketing communications across print and digital, whilst protecting their brand guidelines and visual identity implementing the Brand iQ solution.

The Client

Samaritans is a unique charity dedicated to reducing feelings of isolation and disconnection that can lead to suicide.  Today they have more than 22,000 volunteers and over 200 branches across the UK and Ireland.
In 2021, Samaritans volunteers held over 1,500 outreach events and raised awareness at events with over half a million attendees.  
The Challenge

With Samaritans spanning nationwide, it was imperative that the central office could support staff and volunteers in delivering the complete range of products and materials. 
Following their rebrand in 2019, Samaritans needed to align all their marketing communications across print and digital, whilst protecting brand guidelines and visual identity. 
One of the key project requirements was to allow users to create and order personalised materials whilst being able to add merchandise stock or print on demand items to a single order.
The Solution

Our Brand iQ solution created a central platform for creating and producing all brand assets, social media banners to large format, stock, digital print, and merchandise. 
Each branch was set up to have access to the main brand, as well as localised templates and colour palettes, essentially personalising the content, categories, and items available.
Working closely with the IT team to ensure secure directory integration and adaptive authentication the Samaritans team now manage and maintain the user directory through a single sign in (SSO) across all software providers.
In 2020 Samaritans launched an ecommerce Shopify site to sell products direct to consumer.  This was integrated with their Brand iQ platform and today we hold over 170 stock lines and fulfil all orders on their behalf.
The Stats*

- 10,490 individual user
- 233 individual organisations
- 899 digital assets
- 867 template options
- 268 stock items to include print, merchandise and clothing
- 177 Shopify stock item lines
- 16,994 platform orders placed in 2022
- 3525 editable templates created saving approx. 1762 resource hours (based on 30 minutes per template)

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