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Safeguard your brand

Marcel van den Boogaard

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There’s only so much you can do to manage your brand if you’re not controlling your brand assets. Logos, photos, product images, sales collateral, and videos have a value associated with them, which needs to be protected. Brand guidelines should be created to explain how and when to use these valuable assets, to get everyone marching in the same direction, and to make it easy for your teams to create communications that are on-brand.

Your guidelines should go beyond logo usage to include all aspects of the brand — mission, vision, values, promise, and visual expression — that lay the foundation for great marketing.

A proven strategy for safeguarding your brand is digital asset management. Brand iQ organises and distributes brand assets from a central hub, serving as a single source of truth for brand visibility, monitoring, and consistency. It’s also a powerful engine for content delivery to empower sales, resellers, e-commerce, and more.

Brand iQ can help your organisation:

Build a centralised and personal brand experience for your organisation

Seamlessly control every aspect of the portal ensuring users receive personalised workflow and content. Define approval workflows, payment methods and control budgets and tailor the entire experience by creating dynamic groups and sets of contents.

Store, manage and share your assets and materials

Upload, manage and distribute digital assets centrally (images, videos, documents, fonts and more) online. The intuitive interface easily allows exploration of categories and items, with instant access using the platforms intelligent search.

Create stunning printable and downloadable materials

The intuitive web-to-publish engine allows you to create customised marketing materials and produce variable output saving you time, money and ensuring brand consistency. Modify pre-approved templates giving marketing teams the control to localise and distribute improving speed to market.

Real-time reporting & business intelligence

The management information interface allows segmentation and customisation of live data to track performance and measure usage. You can find out which assets are being used, how they’re being used and by who.

This single-source-of-truth strategy enables you to simplify both employee and customer experiences — a common quest for many modern-day marketers.

Remember, brand management isn’t just about using the right version of a logo. It’s an overarching business practice that distinguishes your company in the marketplace, ensures the strength and consistency of your brand, and helps your organisation live up to its promises. In short, brand management can make or break a business, so make sure your brand gets the attention it deserves!

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