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Manage your global supply chain with Brand iQ

Wayne Harris

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The introduction of our newest supplier update unlocks further potential within Brand iQ and means the entire supply chain can now be streamlined and automated improving efficiency and reducing dependence.

It’s been something we’ve been working on for a while and marks one of the biggest code releases since Brand iQ’s inception as it touches many aspects of the platform.

What does the update change?

-       Complete supplier management and onboarding
-       Dedicated supplier applications allowing you to work seamlessly with any number of suppliers further centralising process and reporting
-       Improved stock management providing multiple stock locations and internal stock movements
-       Creation of a standalone goods in process to help keep track of stock
-       Back ordering of out-of-stock items
-       Introduction of a purchase order process
-       Rules to automate orders and items to specific suppliers
-       Additional supplier and system roles to distribute platform management

As part of the development cycle, we have also made improvements to aspects of the UI and other feature improvements.

What benefits does this bring

Whether you’re looking to centralise your marketing and brand processes or setting up a global supply network, Brand iQ can now provide a powerful feature set to achieve this. 

-       Become supplier independent. Onboard as many suppliers as you want and route your orders accordingly
-       Automate the supply chain management centrally reducing the need for multiple systems
-       Improve internal process such as Goods in, booking in and purchase order management 
-       Gain visibility of all stock in one place
-       Use Brand iQ to manage the supply chain nationally or globally further improving cost and time savings.

Now the first release is live in production and working smoothly we have already begun scoping the next phase and will continue to release incremental improvements and features as we continue to push forward with our vision for Brand iQ and the valuable feedback from our current user base. 
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