2 years ago

Implementing the new Scout Association brand

Stuart Cripps-Schnoor

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The Scout Association recently launched their new iconic brand. The previous brand was launched in 2001 in a pre-digital age, so an overhaul was essential to ensure it would work across all media platforms. It also represented an opportunity to revise the brand to attract a more diverse set of volunteers and recruits.

They chose Brand iQ as their implementation partner to manage the efficient and seamless introduction of the new brand to 7,000 Scout groups in the UK. The Brand iQ platform provided the centralised solution to create, download and print from a library of 1000s of digital assets and formats.

Our production, pick, pack and despatch teams ensured collateral was produced and fulfilled efficiently and our dedicated customer support team were on hand through the entire process to ensure queries were dealt with and things ran smoothly.

The Brand iQ platform was an integral part to the hugely successful launch and will continue to play a pivotal role in managing, protecting and delivering The Scout Association brand.

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