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Getting your team on board with a brand management platform

Stuart Cripps-Schnoor

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Getting your team engaged with a new technology platform can make a huge difference to whether it will fulfil its potential. It’s often an area that is overlooked when buying a platform and often something vendors offer limited support for. This can leave you fighting a losing battle to gain traction within your organisation and ultimately not gaining the level of ROI you expected.

However good the platform may be and even if the benefits to everyone are clear it will not be enough to gain instant adoption. However, with the right process and support it doesn’t need to be a challenge and will result in a smooth rollout and a more engaged team.

On boarding isn’t purely about showing the end users how to use the platform it’s about understanding them and their needs and making them part of the process as early as possible.

Understand your audiences – This could be your internal team or external providers. The important thing is to understand who they are, what effect the platform will have on their day-to-day roles and how it might change how they work.

Consult with you audience – Get people involved as early as possible to ensure that they have the opportunity to buy in to the platform and fully understand the benefits. It will ease the transition and having advocates throughout the business will spread positivity. They are your key stakeholders! Listening early can help shape the solution and head off issues that may occur later. It wouldn’t be feasible to have everyone involved but create a group from different team representatives who can channel the wider feedback.

Keep listening – Make your users part of the testing process and gain valuable feedback that will help shape and improve the portal ahead of the launch.

Consider your internal communication plan – Consider the rollout like a product launch. Advise your users that it’s coming and what to expect. Keep communication regular up until launch to ensure everyone in your organisation knows. Again, keep this two-way so users can reach out to you and ask questions if required.

Pre-implementation on boarding – This is the opportunity to give every user a thorough run through of how the portal will work. This can be a guided tour to small groups of users or a webinar if geography is an issue. This can be recorded and stored for later reference and provided to users who couldn’t attend. This is another great opportunity to field any concerns in a controlled manner and give everyone the opportunity to see the platform before they start using it.

Rollout – Set a date, stick to it and create a positive feeling around the launch of the new platform. Compliment the launch with some branded giveaways or some personalised training manuals to give users an even better experience.

Finally, listen some more – User feedback is an essential part of any platform refinement process, so reduce any barriers and make it easy for users to provide feedback on issues and future requests. Ensure these are always acknowledged and provide users updates on these requests.

It may sound like a lot of work, but done correctly the level of engagement and ROI will vastly outweigh the initial investment.

As part of our service offering we provide our clients with a completely tailored on boarding solution that’s right for their organisation and ensure the support is there to make the implementation a success. 

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