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Crisis - Bringing consistency across multiple divisions

Katie Armstrong

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Bringing consistency to the Crisis brand across multiple teams and divisions.

The Client

Crisis are the national charity for people experiencing homelessness. They help people directly out of homelessness and campaign for the changes needed to solve it altogether.
In 2022 they supported more than 8,000 people with help and advice and worked with almost 3,000 volunteers who generously supported the charity in their shops, services and more.
The Challenge

With Crisis split across 6 divisions and 21 departments across multiple offices, support centres, shops and cafes in the UK, brand management was a significant issue, and the internal design team was overrun with project and design requests.
Each division and department were working independently of the brand and there was an urgent need for a bilingual solution for their Welsh team.
The Solution

Working closely with the marketing and design team, key staff from the Innovation & Enterprise, Fundraising & IT teams, we carried out scoping to identify their full requirements.

Following this, a full range of printed products and merchandise were produced and after implementation of the Brand iQ platform we have been able to pick, pack and fulfil individual orders to their Skylight training centres, shops and cafes throughout the year, all on brand and stored in one central location.

As their activity increased in the run up to Christmas, with fundraising events, carol services and the opening of Christmas centres, we were able to quickly adapt the platform and provide them with  support and guidance to ensure that the teams at Crisis could focus their efforts on providing help and support to their vulnerable people. It saved time and worry about the logistics and provision of their materials needed for the events and shelters.
We also fulfil and distribute mass distributions throughout the year for subscription offerings and multiple fundraising campaigns.
The Brand iQ platform is key to the success of the partnership with future development planned to include a link to the Crisis Shopify public facing site.
The Stats*
50 organisations
- 503 users
- 80 stock items
- 27 digital assets
- 24 customisable templates
- 9246 orders in 2022
- 10381 order lines in 2022
- 403 downloads in 2022
Interested in discussing how a Brand iQ solution could help you, simply email hello@brand-iq.co.uk.

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