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CJ Graphics become Master Reseller for Brand iQ in America

Grace Thompson

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CJ Graphics Inc. and its interactive solutions division are the latest member of the Brand iQ Partner Programme by becoming a master reseller of the Brand iQ software for North, Central & South America.
CJ Graphics are a Canadian Print and Media Group based in Toronto, and are ahead of most other printers in North America by leading on innovation and the use of technology. 
Us here at Brand iQ will be opening an office in Toronto to serve its customers in the Americas. 
The management team there is led by Jay Mandarino, who is forward thinking and realistic about the future and where the print market is heading.
“What is the future for print businesses? If you don’t have something like Brand iQ or CJ Drive, you’re not going to be in business.
“The world is evolving and changing so fast as we all pivot and change as our businesses develop. The advantage you have with Brand iQ is that it puts you in the game, it puts you in contact with clients.”
Combined with their unique CJ Interactive Group led by Director, Lee Eldridge, CJ Graphics embraces its competitors and shares their technology to help move each other forward. 
We are looking forward to developing this relationship further with CJ and exploring the North, Central & South American market further.

For more details about the Brand iQ Partner Programme, get in touch with one of the team: hello@brand-iq.co.uk
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