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Centralised management, localised production

Stuart Cripps-Schnoor

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Brand management solutions are the perfect way to centralise your brand and processes either in one country or as a global operation.   
The platforms can work across multiple languages and help to provide your teams with the tools they need to create, manage and distribute assets - something which works well when you are dealing with digital files.  
But, how do you manage physical items such as printed collateral and merchandise globally?  
Brand iQ is far more than a front-end brand management solution. It also offers you a complete set of tools for managing your physical marketing and brand materials locally.  
How do we do this?  
Brand iQ allows you to onboard an infinite number of suppliers in any location around the world.  
This gives you the flexibility to have multiple print suppliers in one country if it’s geographically large or if you have specialist suppliers who only produce certain items such as merchandise.  
Suppliers can be added and then allocated to specific items with pre-agreed pricing. If one of your users send through an order, the system knows exactly where to route the output file and all the order information such as print specification and delivery information.  
The supplier can then use the Brand iQ platform to produce, pick and despatch the order. This ensures that all order information remains central, but the production can be automated locally whilst staying on-brand.  
As the process is automated, all the paperwork is taken care of including purchase order, generation and delivery note creation, so you always have the complete audit trail.  
Supplier management isn’t only for on-demand generation, it can also be used to manage your stock materials wherever you are holding and distributing them from.  
Each supplier can have stock locations assigned even if they have multiple warehouses. This makes it easy to keep track of stock and even manage where the distribution stock is being called off from.  
What are the benefits? 
Using Brand iQ to manage your supplier network can vastly improve efficiency and ensure your brand is managed effectively:  
- Cost saving on producing locally and not paying to have print distributed globally 
- Reduction in your carbon footprint, by reducing global delivery 
- Localised production improves the speed to market  
- Using with local knowledge helps to strengthen relationships with your staff/clients 
- Centralisation of the entire process maximises visibility and control 
- Automation ensures you always have the complete audit trail  
- Flexibility over supplier selection meaning you have “printer independence”  
With an existing global supplier network and over 40 years' experience in the procurement and management of print, Brand iQ can also help you to create and onboard a supplier network.  
Get in touch today if you want to find out how Brand iQ can help you manage your brand and supplier network: hello@brand-iq.co.uk
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