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Brand management systems: we aren't all the same!

Grace Thompson

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The past year has shown that anything could be round the corner, especially when it’s come to the workplace. Many employees have had to adjust to remote working in the past year meaning that cloud-based working has become essential to keep businesses running as usual.
In short, brand management systems are in place to help manage your brand by keeping assets, resources and digital files together all in one central place. 
We know that we’re not the only brand management software on the market, but what we do know is that we’re all different, specialise in different areas and can provide different services to meet your business’ needs/wants.
So, what are the different types and what do they do?

Web2print software has one main goal: making the online management of printing simple and scalable. 
A web2print solution does exactly what it says on the tin – it’s a commercial printing service offering available to you online. In most cases, companies who deal in web2print solutions use e-commerce and online services such as cross media marketing and site hosting. 
The lines can blur, as a web2print solution purely revolves round print – which is still key to a brand’s messaging.
Digital Asset Management 
Digital asset management (simply known as DAM) systems allow companies to store all their branded files in one place, for your team to access no matter where they are in the world. This is key for keeping your brand’s content consistent, no matter what output your files are.
Within a DAM system, software features interlink to allow the seamless distribution of branding between the different aspects of your business: letterheads, social media icons, website branding and more. This in turn gives your team members the power to keep your brand’s identity and message consistent as it reaches your intended audience(s).
Brand Management 
Brand iQ (that’s us!) is recognised as a Brand Asset Management solution (think BAM – although this isn’t recognised as universally as DAM is). 
Brand management software focuses on supporting brand and marketing managers from your organisation to manage the brand, its messaging, and assets to keep it consistent across every channel. 
Where this one differs slightly from the above is that it’s more than just assets or digital files. 
With brand management software, you gain an overview of everything brand related that can help make your business grow. With the inclusion of reporting and analysis features, you can deliver information about your current brand assets to help deliver a stronger message to your clients.
Print Management 
A phrase more commonly used within our industry is print management.
Print management companies can help you in every aspect when it comes to print – from sourcing the right price to buying the print on your behalf – meaning that they manage your print projects from start to finish. 
Print management companies often use software to help automate some of the print buying processes such as requesting quotes, approving artworks or managing larger scale campaigns.
Workflow Systems
Workflow systems take many different forms within the industry from workflow systems to manage project management and artwork creation through to systems that are designed purely to manage the print production process. 
These systems are designed with the purpose of being an interactive way to help you organise your teams, projects, files and more.
Ultimately with any type of workflow management in place you can automate your processes, increase efficiency and reduce any bottlenecks that existed before, meaning that you can get through projects and tasks quicker and more cost-effectively.  
What if we were tell you that Brand iQ encompasses all of the above AND more?
Don’t believe us? Book a demo with one of the team to discover how Brand iQ can manage every aspect of your brand from start to finish.
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