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Brand iQ’s Web-to-publish engine explained!

Stuart Cripps-Schnoor

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First there was web-to-print software and it was a complete innovation. Without specialist software or design knowledge marketers and brand managers could suddenly design on-brand eye catching materials on the fly whenever they needed them. These creations could then be downloaded as a PDF or professionally printed online. Albeit revolutionary these early platforms were a little clunky, lacked functionality and were often quite time-consuming.

We built our first solution back in 2008 and since then we’ve been improving our engine to provide what we believe is one of the best available and truly a web-to-publish engine. Our concept was to take web-to-print a step further and create an intuitive tool that would allow users flexibility to create output for print, digital, download and other file formats with little or no training required. It can be done from any browser and any location meaning users can create branded assets 24/7.

The process for creating artwork using the platform is simply:

  1. Start with a base template with pre-defined inputs. These can be text and images and can have their own restrictions to keep on brand.
  2. Create your artwork using a web browser and the intuitive template editor user interface. Previews can be viewed and downloaded.
  3. Choose your output method which could be PDF, JPEG, HTML or one of the other available options. Using Brand iQ you can also choose to have the item professionally printed by us and despatched within 24-48 hours.

This has revolutionised the platform and provided users with access to create more than just print marketing materials. Social media graphics, web banners, infographics, HR documents, policies, proposals are just a few of the assets that can be created.

Controls can be put in place on each item to allow users access to pre-agreed image libraries and control over what content can be edited. Items can be simply co-branded or complete documents can be created with choices on layouts, colours, fonts etc.

Taking this a step further allows users to upload a data file, which can control aspects of the content. For example, you could upload a database of names, interests and yearly spend, this would then create personalised coupons for each user with images matched to their interest and a money off amount in line with their yearly spend. Other uses include creating personalised direct mail pieces that can be printed and fulfilled instantly by the desired delivery method e.g. Royal Mail.

Collaboration now forms a key component to any marketing activity and Brand iQ helps this process by providing the ability to share in process and completed artworks amongst teams ensuring there is not duplicated effort for creating assets.

The possibilities are endless and Brand iQ’s scalable infrastructure allows the simultaneous rendering of 1000s of output files. The platform is supported by a dedicated team who will always be on hand to talk users through creating, amending and rendering assets.

Ultimately the benefits are simple….

  • Reduction in agency artwork fees
  • Time saving for the internal marketing/design teams
  • Brand consistency for all assets from a design and production perspective.
  • Reduced cost for artwork and imagery using a centralised library
  • Speed to market for creating artworks/campaigns

If you’re interested in seeing the web-to-publish solution in action, sign up for a tour of our demo solution. https://brand-iq.co.uk/demo

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