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Spotlight on our Brand Guidelines module

Wayne Harris

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Brand teams often spend a large amount of time, money and resource on developing a brand with an impactful and memorable logo, perfectly crafted fonts, stunning imagery and a compelling tone of voice, only for it to be ignored by the rest of the organisation! Does this sound familiar?

All too often we hear the horror stories of how brand teams lose control over what they’ve worked so hard to create despite developing a set of brand guidelines to try and educate other teams.

Typically brand guidelines are a static document usually in PDF format. The challenge with this is that they quickly become out-of-date, they aren’t always immediately available can easily be ignored or misinterpreted.

Our brand guidelines module sits perfectly within the brand management platform ecosystem alongside all of the other brand functions such as digital asset management, template creation, print and merchandise ordering and marketing workflow.

The brand guidelines solution allows you to create and share powerful “live” guidelines for your brand ensuring you drive brand consistency across all touch points.

Directly link to assets in your DAM library
Guidelines can be connected directly to the Digital Assets Library, meaning your users can link instantly to approved assets ready for download in their required format.

Simple to create and manage
With our Brand guideline editor it’s quick , straightforward and easy. Use the out-the-box layout template or create bespoke pages with our widgets and editor. Fast to create and even faster to distribute.

The single source of truth
Always up-to-date so no need to worry which of your teams or partners hold out of date PDFs. There’s no need for version control as the guidelines are live and any edits are instantaneous.

Availability 24/7
Accessible whenever and wherever,  guidelines when you need them. Create multiple guidelines for public or internal consumption, whilst controlling the content.

Complete brand visibility
Empower your teams to become great brand champions and deliver the brand consistently. Educate staff on your logo variants and their correct usage, your brand colours and fonts, icons and imagery. Help make following the guidelines a simple process.

Fast editing
Easy to maintain and fast to edit, saving you time and money. Interactive guidelines are a great way to tell your brand story, showcasing your brand and content at it’s very best.

If you would like to arrange a demo of the brand guidelines module and see how it could help you manage your brand get in touch

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