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BAM vs DAM - so what really is the difference?

Grace Thompson

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We talk a lot about brand management and digital assets, which isn’t uncommon for us here at Brand iQ.
As a brand asset management solution, the lines can be blurred between a software like ours and a digital asset management software. 
So, to make things a little easier, we’re exploring the differences between each software types and how they can work for you and your business. 
We’ll start with the more well-known version of the two: digital asset management software which we’ll abbreviate to DAM.
DAM (Digital Asset Management)
Most teams nowadays work with multiple different digital assets in order to produce work for their clients. 
But where do these files get stored for their whole team to access? The answer is quite simple: a digital asset management solution.
DAM systems allow teams to control the access of their digital assets between their organisations, customers and partners. This includes (but isn’t limited to) storing, organising and retrieving files as well as managing these digital assets to reach the right person/people.
Your digital files may include photographs, logos, videos or files that are crucial to the marketing of your business. 
By having a live version of your digital assets, you can be sure that your files are all up to date – minimising the chances of your files being incorrect when they’re distributed out to the public. 
BAM (Brand Asset Management)
So how can you take your digital files one step further? Well, a brand asset management solution may be the best option. 
A BAM system allows you to manage every aspect of your brand, not just your digital assets (although, a BAM system does also feature digital management within the same solution.) 
Your brand reaches a variety of different touchpoints, whether that’s online marketing, print materials or merchandise items – your brand needs to be recognisable wherever it may be found. 
BAM software provides your team with one central location for all of these assets, including fulfilment and procurement options meaning that you don’t need to go anywhere else to produce the items you need.
As well as this, you can create on brand assets all within your BAM platform – keeping your organisation’s branding concise no matter where the final product will be going.

Here at Brand iQ, we provide a full brand asset management solution meaning that you won’t ever need to switch between programmes to create beautiful and bespoke branded materials. 
With our global print network, you can order your own stock and merchandise delivered straight to your company, ready for distribution out to your target audience.
And with the bonus of our Creative Workflow tool, you’re able to manage your teams, projects, and artwork proofs all in one place meaning that your teams’ workflows are smooth and efficient.

At Brand iQ we can provide all of this and more within our system. If you’d like to find out more, then get in touch with the team: hello@brand-iq.co.uk
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