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5 important foundations of a brand management solution

Katie Armstrong

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With the ever-growing digital marketplace comes more and more technology and options.  The challenge isn’t just about what platform is best but also who is best to help you plan, deliver and support the solution. 

We’ve put together a top 5 checklist of the elements we think you should be looking for when choosing or shortlisting your brand management providers.

1. An end-to-end solution
Storing and creating artworks is only one part to the solution. Producing and fulfilling them is another challenge altogether. Having a solution that wraps around your brand to ensure a consistent and quality service from end-to-end is essential. 
2. Professional onboarding/support
A great platform with stunning brand assets is only part of the jigsaw. User engagement represents the biggest possible point of failure. If your organisation doesn’t use it, you won’t gain any ROI. Ensuring the platform is onboarded correctly will maximise engagement and reactive professional support will mean there is always somewhere to turn, which reduces further barriers for use.
3. Personalised access
To ensure your organisation gets the most from a brand management platform personalisation is essential. Provide users and teams with a personalised experience and you will increase engagement and productivity. Users no longer have to search through a sea of assets to find what’s relevant and customised workflow processes save time and resource.
4. A cloud based platform
It may sound dated, but with so many systems available there is always the question of cloud based or on premise. Ultimately, there is always a business case for both, but if you are looking to deploy a brand management platform quickly, cost-effectively and with no responsibility on maintenance or support then a cloud-based option is going to be right for you.
5. A web2publish engine
You will no doubt be familiar with web2print, but ensuring the engine will also publish and convert your digital files is important to ensure you can store, manage and share all your media files with one platform. Don’t underestimate the power of creating social media files, icons, logos, web banners and more on the fly.

Brand asset management platforms take many shapes and sizes and this list only highlights some of the differences, however it does create a base to start comparing and find the one that fits for you and your organisations requirements.

Contact us at hello@brand-iq.co.uk for further information on how our brand management solution could shape your brand for the future.

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