In isolation Brand iQ can be a powerful tool, but when it’s adopted across an organisation through all departments its true power can be recognised. Brand iQ can help to automate process and drive efficiency on a cross department basis, ultimately saving valuable time and money.

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Brand iQ provides marketing teams with a complete toolkit, to ensure the brand is managed and campaigns can be delivered effectively and measured for future refinements.
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Brand iQ includes a powerful insights engine allowing access to the live data and the ability to create custom datasets from any perspective.
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Centralise your platforms and access to all content securely. Brand iQ can be extended to provide single sign-on into other platforms and can become the central resource for managing users, access and content.
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Create stunning variable output at the click of a button, saving time and resource and ensuring the latest versions are always being used for marketing activities.
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HR / Training

Store and manage HR documentation and to automate and streamline your HR processes. Using a combination of the asset management tool and the dedicated CPD module, Brand iQ can be used to provide training materials and courses to engage and develop staff or users.
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Manage financial transactions and gain insight into spend, budgeting and cost control. Seamlessly integrate with existing finance applications for complete visibility and automation.

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