Feature List

The following list represents the core Brand iQ features. It is not exhaustive and doesn't include all of the bespoke modules/add-ons available.

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User Interface

Intuitive interface

Allowing users to utilise the platform with no training. Support materials are available as part of the deployment and users can have access to our dedicated support team


No additional technology required. The platform runs seamlessly in a web browser on desktop, tablet and mobile (user experience on mobile may differ slightly)

Customised domain

A dedicated URL can be purchased to run your brand centre e.g. https://yourcompanybrandhub.com

Your branded interface

The platform can be customised to your brand using logos, colours and fonts. We offer both a standard and bespoke interface layout

A personalised experience

Using our intelligent grouping system enables you to group organisations and users to influence their landing page, content, item and platform options

Powerful search

The built-in search engine allows users to easily find items. The search works using item names, descriptions and search tags that can be applied to each item.


Users have access to download single items or use the download manager to download zip files containing multiple items

File variants

Each file can be stored in multiple variants, allowing the user choice of file types

File formats

Store items of almost any format for download including JPEG, PNG, AI, PSD, PNG, PPT, DOC and many more...


Categorise your items using parent and child categories to create an easily understandable navigation structure. Using the groups you can restrict who has access to what


Tag items with unique keywords to create filters available to users such as specific campaigns or events

Relation of items

Items can easily be related together to allow users to navigate seamlessly from item to item

Item previews

Certain items such as videos and PDFs can be easily previewed in the browser before download

Item sharing

Create external links with an expiration to allow controlled off platform access

Web to Publish

Web based editing

Using the powerful editor you can create stunning on-brand artworks instantly. Change, upload and edit images, edit text, add pages and control every aspect of design. Templates can be "locked" down to ensure brand consistency and the editor is intelligent enough to reduce font sizes and dynamically control spacing to uphold the layout

Variable output formats

The web to publish engine can generate many different file types including press-ready PDFs, web PDFs, JPEG, BMP, PNG and HTML

Merchandise / Physical items

Sell and manage physical items using our proven e-commerce engine. Each item can be setup with variants and customisations if required

Customisable templates

The web to publish engine isn't just for print files. Customise and download images, HTML and more

Easy re-order

Variable artworks can be ordered with or without edits, saving valuable time

Shared documents

Variable artworks can be shared across your organisation, removing duplication of documents and saving you time

Complete tracking

Follow your items/order through every step of the process with real time order updates and live delivery information

Approval workflows

Approval workflows can be created against items, users and groups to ensure all artwork creation is controlled and "signed off" by a designated approver if required

Customisable pricing

Pricing can be set at an item level with different price breaks transparent to the user to ensure economies of scale are maximised

Item restriction

Item volumes and ordering can be restricted at an item and user level

One page checkout

The platform makes ordering simple with a one page checkout allowing users to speficy delivery address, delivery instructions, choose a delivery option and payment


The platform supports different payment mechanics including credit card, purchase order, credit limit and budget. Credit limits and/or budgets can be assigned to organisations or users to draw down against

Fulfillment / Outsourcing

Stock and variable items can either be produced and fulfilled directly by our UK based operation or fulfilled by an existing supplier using our outsourcing module. This can be decided at a per product level to maintain fulfilment flexibility

Registration / Login

Customisable registration

Create dynamic fields as part of the registration process and instantly grant access to certain groups based on user details. Registration can be open or subject to an approval workflow

Single sign-on

Integrate with your authentication systems using our SAML single sign-on to log users in or create users on the fly if already recognised

GDPR compliant

Manage the GDPR implications at point of registration to ensure the platform meets all GDPR requirements


Usage dashboard

The dashboard provides you instant access to an overview of your platform including number of users, user logins, top downloads, top sales and more

Order management

View detailed information on every single order and filter by date range, organisation, users, status, items and categories

Delivery reports

Itemise each delivery to gain a complete financial picture

Stock management

Using the built-in stock management, you can track on hand stock, stock movement and stock value for any date range and item. Set "trigger levels" for advance stock replenishments

Item access/downloads

Track usage of your assets and their variants including views and downloads


Export any of the reports as a CSV for easy import into other systems or further analysis


Organisation / Users

Manage the users of your platform and easily assign them to organisation and groups to instantly control their access


Create, edit and remove groups to help segment users and permissions. Create private groups for reporting and easily assign users to your groups


Control the content that your users see including promotional banners, landing page content, page content and FAQs

Catalogue management

Control all aspects of your catalogue including digital assets, categories and tags


The notification system allows you to send customised notifications to chosen groups to keep them up to date on new items or platform updates

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