Hosting & Security

A robust, responsive and secure hosting solution is an essential component in any online platform. We pride ourselves on using scalable cloud computing providers such as Digital Ocean and Amazon Web Services (AWS) to ensure we offer a high availability solution that is reliable, cost-effective and scalable.

Our dedicated team will provide expert knowledge to help you get the best from our platform and ensure your implementation process is thorough and seamless.
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Advanced Security

Brand iQ and it’s hosting platforms conform to IS027001 for data security and Cyber Essentials for hardware security. The platform itself benefits from using a framework renowned for it’s high level of encryption and performance.
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Infinite Scalability

Our choice of providers mean that our solution as the ability to scale with no negative effects to our customers. This ensures Brand iQ will always deliver your users with an optimal performance.
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Site Monitoring

Brand iQ is automatically monitored from a resource and process perspective, so our team knows there could be a problem before it happens. This proactive approach ensures maximum uptime.
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Daily Backups

All aspects of Brand iQ are backed up on a daily basis to a separate cloud server so you can be confident your files are safe and secure.
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We have a dedicated team of support professionals available to support Brand iQ. They are just techies! They understand marketing and provide support and advice not just on technical issues, but on everything required to help you and your staff get the most from Brand iQ.

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