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Controlling communications and content distribution across an organisation with many departments, teams and locations can be a real challenge.

Brand iQ solves this challenge by providing a cloud based platform for users to be grouped by department, team and location. Communications can be “pushed” to users via SMS and email and the entire process and interaction can be monitored for compliance and reporting.
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How can Brand iQ help?

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Content distribution made simple

Create content posts with text and images, publish these instantly or at scheduled times and choose which departments, teams, groups and locations have access to view them.

A tailored and searchable document library

Store any document or asset in a central location. Link documents to posts and control full revision history. Documents can be viewed or downloaded and all interactions tracked.
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A personalised user experience

Using features such as featured content, sticky pins and granular access control allows you to serve a completely tailored experience to each individual user.

Keep your team up to date with notifications

Send SMS and email notifications to different teams or groups to ensure everyone stays up to date with new brand content, company news or legislation.
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Reporting and Insight

Using the live reporting dashboard finding out who is logging in and when is simple. Track the most popular content and documents and track user interaction to find out what’s being downloaded or created.

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