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The attack on the print industry

Jamie Booth

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The print industry is in tatters because of print management, it’s not just printed material that was attacked. 
We’ve all been to a client site that had a nice catering facility only to find a third-party company has come in to run the site, catering, HR and all those other non-essential, essential services. 
The trend to outsource high ticket items is not a new one but at some point in the last twenty years, it has become the thing to do. 
Print is one of the industries to suffer and in some part, the printers allowed this to happen. 
But what do you do? 
As the online world grows (albeit, slower than anyone thought) news and media is consumed in even smaller chunks. Everyone is now a publisher, sharing content to YouTube, the odd clip to Instagram, photo albums to Facebook – the list goes on.
The print industry responded initially with a lukewarm “let’s invest in things like XMPie” which led to cards with your name on it or a mug with a “Happy 50th Birthday” message and a picture of said person as a baby. 
“Let’s then look at doing the things we always did - just cheaper, much cheaper. 
“With faster quick make ready times, more automation, less people but its tinkering around the edges of the big hole in the dam,” and so many companies whet by the wayside. 
Collaboration seems to be the order of the day in Canada. 
Geography forces the Canadian print companies to work together. Over here in the UK, there is some print management that the companies want and have found a niche with, and they continue to survive and maybe even thrive within this industry. 
Packaging print does seem to be the next step in print company survival, but if it’s just ink on card with no real innovation, the print industry will drive prices down and print management will sneak back in.
Print management came along and ravaged the print market. They took margins and screwed them down, made the printer work harder for less work - which often meant that they were not bringing technical expertise to the party or had no thought about another way of making a saving. 
This meant that work was being placed in Eastern Europe but charged at UK prices and even at times companies were being vague about where the work was being produced.
Brand iQ has found a way to add value into this world. 
We decided at Brand iQ that we wanted to make a big change and give some, if not all the power back to the brands and the printers.
The future for us is to give printers and brands the opportunity to ultimately be in the driving seat, taking the control away from print management companies and design agencies - putting you in complete control of the spend, quality, even the date of delivery.
With Brand iQ, you can offer all the print management services using our software solution. 
Regain control of your print spend, build loyal print suppliers, and offer more to your customers.
Ready to turn the tables on the organisations that take the cream with no risk, no kit and very little expertise?
Then drop us an email hello@brand-iq.co.uk and we can find the solution that’s right for you.
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