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The technology and tools that are available for us to use today defy what would have been seen as possible only a few years ago. Since our hunter gatherer origins through to the present day there has been many forms and ways of communicating, but what remains constant is our need to communicate!

Without communication our very existence would be brought into question. From the moment we rise every day and during the course of our daily lives our communications begin. I’m not talking about long speeches, presentations, and video conferences but more around brief interactions, verbal, audio and visual, all part and parcel of the communication chain. I would argue that these methods of communications haven’t changed over time but rather the platforms and technology have facilitated the reach and accessibility of communication. Fundamentality the communication process has transformed along with the ability to select from a multitude of communications methods and the audiences.

What does this really mean?

Well it lets us challenge the old motto “it’s the way we’ve always done it” does that mean it’s wrong, no, does that mean it’s right …not necessarily. It throws a light onto the way we do things, helps us to understand if we can do things more effectively and efficiently whilst making the whole user experience a seamless and simple one.

Where’s the catch, why don’t we just all adopt the latest and greatest then? A question that’s almost impossible to answer, what with everyone having their own requirements and perspectives. Sometimes we adopt change for the sake of change without seriously considering the long-term implications. Change should be measured by success and yet success can be a very subjective measure.

In a business environment, there are many communication challenges. Possibly one of the most difficult is Brand management. It takes many different forms, verbal, visual, audio, even neurologically! Getting this right can be fundamental to a brand’s success.

So, the question becomes how do you empower your organisation and its employees to implement your brand effectively?

As our working profile have changed so too has our need to access items that we use part of our working day, whether that’s presentation documents, logos colour, images or some other assets. As our working / personal time become more entwined, accessibility becomes even more important. With global accessibility regardless of location, time zone, or physical position, the infrastructure to support mobile and remote working has become ever more powerful.

Consider the benefits of mobilising your brand assets, imagine them as a member of staff tasked with controlling brand asset implementation deployment and usage. A challenge by all accounts but especially so if the assets were unable to access the people they were designed to help and assist. This is what occurs up and down the land throughout all organisations. Typically brand assets are managed by a team that requires user to interact with them directly to source the appropriate items. With access restricted by working hours, destinations, on a normal day nevermind those unforeseen circumstances that job to deliver these assets becomes ever more complicated. Why not challenge the status quo? Turn it on its head and make the assets work for you. Remove those traditional access barriers, free you brand to be used by those that need to, and crucially on their terms … need a logo at 3am no problem…presentation template at 5pm Friday no problem.

This is just a small selection of challenges that a brand management solution can solve. Used correctly a brand management platform can help to communicate your brand effectively both internally and externally and save time, resource and money!

If all of this strikes a chord it’s time to act now , there’s no time like the present, get in touch and see how we can help your brand work for you.

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Marcel van den Boogaard

1 year ago

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